The Journey Begins

Its winter in Salzburg. It’s grey and snows intermittently in the city as well. Packing for this journey is a logistical challenge. There are many segments to it, many climate zones, and several local small hops with luggage restrictions.

I also would like to take far more camera gear than I know I will use. In Theory, I need it all, but I know from prior experience that I won’t use it all. So the hard discussions on trade-offs with myself is currently underway.

I’m planning to deal with the climate zones with layering. The problem is ensuring I have the right things at the right places, and a way to retrieve what I leave behind in case I will need it again the future.

Departure is in 48 hours. The packing is nearly done.

Everything weighs a bit more than I would like. I also know that luggage tends to expand and take more space as you stay on the road longer. Its harder to pack everything back into the compact size you had it when you left home. But I have an ambitious plan to shed load as I travel along. I take my oldest clothing and gear. I think I’ll leave some stuff behind after rough use instead of lugging it along the entire way.

Time will tell if this strategy works out.